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Your Software License Dictionary

Ever wondered what is allowed with certain software? Had to find out what software products are related, did not understand what products are in a suite, or struggled to find out which company owns a certain package Welcome to Lictionary.

All there is to know to
manage licenses and usage

Lictionary is the license dictionary; you can browse through the maze of inclusions, grants, restrictions, relations and definitions. It allows software professionals (such as purchasers, developers, system architects etc.) as well as amateurs to share and obtain all there is to know about software licensing specifics.

Started as knowledge repository on specific enterprise software brands, now rapidly expending to include more and more titles. Helping the users of software to better understand the software publishers.

Why use


  • 1

    Your Online Single Source

    It is impossible to remember all rules and relations. Lictionary provides you with direct insight in the specifics of licensing on a multitude of software publishers. On your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

  • 2

    Enlarge the small letters of a contract

    The small letters of a license agreement are key. Lictionary is all about the detail. Specifics of all terms & conditions are stored and presented to you in a simple and understandable format.

  • 3

    Trust on industry experts

    Lictionary is no forum. Your input and participation is welcome but will have to pass the hawk-eye of a team of specialist who have been crunching license agreements for over 15 years.

  • 4

    On Watch for you

    The Lictionary team pulls their data from public sources and participants. Changes are recorded, reviewed and published. When you are asleep or at work, Lictionary keeps an eye out for you.

Take the


  • Full Content Search

    Search on any term, metric or product across all vendors and all terms & definitions

    Keep Record

    All your recently made queries are stored for quick review and reference

    Logical Browsing

    Not sure exactly you search for? Find information by clicking through a our graphical interface made to visualize the world of license information.

  • Breadcrumb

    We keep track of the choices made leading up to the current view. Know where are you are.

    Graphical Zoom

    Is the information you are looking at too complex, zoom in and get clarity on sections of lictionary.

    Categories are Key

    There are various ways to group the data on licensing. Lictionary allows this and give provides simple but clear insight what each group is about.

  • Relations & Groups

    By using the named relations between groups and content the breadcrumb can be read as a sentence.

    In Screen Comparison

    Pace multiple metrics or other content items on your workspace to compare and review.

    Multiple View

    Sometimes tables are better. List the data on screen in the view of your preference.
  • Just passed 80.000 Oracle software titles, Industry consolidation?!
  • 1.500 Adobe Product Upgrade Rules applied, pff!
  • Our eyes turn blue from looking at big blue
  • And here is the 85.000st Adobe SKU for 4U
  • Circular Reference Warning! that’s why Lictionary is no fancy spreadsheet
  • Making progress with Progress

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